Direct Distribution from the Fishermen’s Boat

World Link Food Distributors is a resourceful and progressive seafood distributor located in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. Founded in 2006; we have been enjoying our reputation as a leading company of Canadian Live Lobster. We also export various frozen shell fish items, such as Whelk, Snow Crab, Mussels, Lobster, Clam etc….

We distribute over two million pounds of live lobster, as well as two and half million pounds of frozen seafood products from Atlantic Canada to our valued customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. World Link is the preferred supplier of seafood to many small and large wholesalers. We are also the direct supplier of seafood for several major Canadian grocery chains.

Consolidated Frozen Shipments:

  • Variety of Choices in the Same Container
  • Custom Packaging
  • Custom Private Labeling
  • Leading Exporters in logistics
  • Global Market Purchasing

Direct Fisherman Sales:

  • Independent Fish Harvesters , 100% control of the resources
  • Monitoring and set up of processing line
  • Strategic Alliance with expertise
  • Develop new species

Shellfish and Special Products:

  • Over 25 Products
  • Hands-on Control on quality
  • Orders Meeting Personal Needs
  • Private Label Products
  • Customized Processing of Raw Materials
Direct Distribution From Fishermen's Boat
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